Metal Bangers

MissMetal's Metal Bangers Fanclub Benefits cover. With MetalBangers logo, and in the background a topless MissMetal can be seen with her long hair on her face. MissMetalx

Want to Bang me?

Get your preferred Backstage Pass which will grant you access to my fanclub with ALL the benefits listed further down this page and much MORE!

Check all the Backstage Passes available below or Unlock my Fanclub for 1 Month here!

Soon as the transaction is confirmed all the details and password ๐Ÿ”‘ will be sent to your Messenger ๐Ÿ’ฌ.

Backstage Passes


  • Rookie Metal Banger virtual badge
  • 1 week Bangers Fanclub Access
  • 25 free messages per month
  • Monthly Nudesletter

VIP Pass

  • True Metal Banger virtual badge
  • 3 months Bangers Fanclub Access
  • Access to my LIVE CAM
  • 100 free messages per month
  • Monthly Nudesletter

AAA Pass

  • The Real MVB (Metal's Valuable Banger) virtual badge
  • 1 year Bangers Fanclub Access
  • Access to my LIVE CAM
  • Unlimited free messages
  • Monthly Nudesletter

What benefits do I have when joining your Fanclub and becoming a Metal Banger?

A whole bunch, I tell you! Let me enumerate them:

  1. ALL content unlocked instantly with your Fanclub Access;
  2. Exclusive Videos and Pictures - you won't find anywhere else! From nudes to lewds to personal pictures, here you will get it all;
  3. Up-Close and Personal Chat (by being a Metal Banger you always get priority when it comes to seeing and replying to my messages);
  4. Off-Camera Scenes (Ever wondered how is my private and naughty life behind the scenes? Here you will see and make part of my day, everyday!);
  5. Access to free bundles that I only offer my most special Bangers!
  6. Free access to my LIVE CAM everytime I am online!

But wait... There's more!


  1. Custom Content in my timeline! - Want something specific in my timeline? You got it! You can use your credits to get your favourite kinks into my timeline for a much more economic Tip Menu!
  2. A virtual Metal Banger badge with your name on it, made specially by me to you;
  3. Free Messages - to talk dirty to me all night long;
  4. A Monthly secret Nudesletter;
  5. And I saved the best for last: Keep your content FOREVER! That's right, you can keep your favourite content, and keep it forever in your library, even if you decide to end your subscription on my Fanclub ๐Ÿ’” - But I know you'll keep wanting more and more, because that's exactly what I want to give to you!

Have questions about Backstage Passes and/or Fanclub?