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"Gratitude is the heart's memory."

"Prepare yourself. You're about to spoil me rotten!!!"

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with Red Roses

Actions speak louder than words, and truth is I love red roses. It's the only flower I really like, and which I am drawn to. If you really like me for me and the work that I do, here is the most pure way to say to a woman you appreciate her: Buy her flowers!

Spoil me with one of my favourite things in the world - coffee! Either black or with milk, I love coffee first thing in the morning and in the middle of the afternoon!

I love getting new lingerie and wear it all the time!

Give me a day off just to lay in bed or enjoy the day outside.

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They say wishlists tell you a lot about a person, so here is mine...

Fan Love Wall

This is a tribute to the wonderful, amazing, awesome sweethearts that spoil me, and here is how they do it:ย 

"Anyway just wanted to say you're one of the most beautiful people I have ever met inside and out..."

"You drive me crazier than an 18 year old who crashed their dad's brand new F-150 on the California 99 highway."

"Metal you're a very attractive woman, I'm always impressed by your natural beauty on cam."

" Don't mind me, I'm just in love.. "

"I will look forward to seeing that sexy smile again real soon. You're an amazing person Miss..."

" Natalie's juicy round ass is just amazing."

"Your lips are the heaven where I want my soul to get lost... forever!"

"God, I never get tired of watching you. Such a beautiful and sensual woman."

"You're a mASSterpiece!"

"You're always with me as a beautiful thought"


They said...

"You are always on my mind,ย 

Since the first time we met,ย 

You have always been kind.ย 

Your ruby red lipsย 

and alabaster skinย 

are alluring and sensual,ย 

Causing my arousal to begin.ย 

You are beautiful and intelligentย 

Nothing about you is fake,ย 

And after everytime I see youย 

I need a naughty break!"ย 

(Anonymous ๐Ÿ’•)